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Arabic Scene Text Image of ReGIM-Lab.

Arabic Scene Text Image of Regim Lab’2015 (ARASTI’2015) 



 Character recognition has been widely understood as a means of mechanizing the process of understanding text in the written form to facilitate fast and efficient use of text. Indeed, text existing all around us presents information for peoples. However, tourists in foreign countries are unable to understand what indicate text on road signs, shop names, product advertisements, posters, etc. when they are unfamiliar with the native language of the visited country.

Currently there is no available dataset of Arabic script text images in the wild. Since our aim is to help the research community in standardizing the evaluation of scene Arabic text recognition, the Tunisian Research Groups in Intelligent Machines of University of Sfax (REGIM of Sfax) will provide the ARaSTI’2015 database freely of charge to mainly Arabic scene character recognition researchers and to increase total of researches done to enhance scene character recognition. This Database is used on [1].


[1]: Maroua Tounsi, Ikram Moalla, Adel M. Alimi, Frank Lebouregois, “Feature Representation using Sparse Coding for Robust Arabic Characters Recognition in Natural Scenes” , ICDAR 2015.

To download Arabic Scene Text Image of Regim Lab’2015 (ARASTI’2015), please download the pdf release agreement by this <link> , fill-in and scan it, then Attach it in the form