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  • Tunisian Horses THoDBRL’2015 <link>

ADAB database

ADAB database  Release Agreement   Introduction The ADAB database (The Arabic handwriting Data Base) was developed to advance the research and development of Arabic on-line handwritten systems. This database is developed in cooperation between the Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik (IfN) and Research Groups in Intelligent Machines, University of Sfax, Tunisia. The text written is from 937 …

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Arabic Scene Text Image of ReGIM-Lab.

  Arabic Scene Text Image of ReGIM-Lab. (ARASTI)   Release Agreement (Download PDF version) Introduction  Character recognition has been widely understood as a means of mechanizing the process of understanding text in the written form to facilitate fast and efficient use of text. Indeed, text existing all around us presents information for peoples. However, tourists …

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REgim Sfax Tunisian hand database’2016 (REST’2016)

REST’2016 Description REST’2016 Release Agreement

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Tunisian Horses Database THoDBRL 2015

The Tunisian Horses DataBase of Regim Lab’2015 (THoDBRL’2015), Release Agreement Introduction Animal recognition is an active research topic in recent years. Horse’s recognition is an important task in the world and in order to promote horse’s recognition research, the Tunisian Research Groups in Intelligent Machines of University of Sfax (REGIM of Sfax) will provide the …

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