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Invited Speakers

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RUDAS2;Imre J. Rudas;University of Budapest, Hungary;Information Aggregation in Intelligent Systems;December 3, 2013;link(.pdf)

Ajith Abraham2;Ajith Abraham;Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic;Data+Evolving Representations=Intelligent Informations Systems;December 3, 2013;link(.pdf)

Andrzej2;Andrzej Romanowski;Lodz University of Technology, Poland;E-Gov-Tun and GreenIT scholarships Tomatoes vs. Savoir Vivre : Another Approach to Ubicomp;November 30, 2013;link(.pdf)

bruno_meyer2;Bruno Meyer;Fellow IEEE, ARTERIA (RTE Group) France;RD for Transmission System Operators:The key challenge in Europe;November 16-17, 2013;link(.pdf)

moncef2;Mohamed Moncef Ben Khelifa;University of Toulon, France;The engineering service disability;June 2, 2013;

piuri2;Vincenzo Piuri;Fellow IEEE, University of Milan, Italy;Dependable User-Centric Operations in Cloud Computing;June 1, 2013;

essameddin2;Essameddin Badreddin;Univ. Heidelberg, Germany;Recursive, Nested, Behaviour-based Control (RNBC) Structure;May 31, 2013;

Klaus Schilling2;Klaus Schilling;University Wuerzburg, Germany;”Telematics in Networked Robotic Vehicle Systems for an Efficient Flow of Traffic and of Materials” and “Pico-Satellites for Education and Research in Networked Space Systems”;May 30-31, 2013;link(.pdf)

tamer_m_nassef2;Tamer M. Nassef;Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt;”The Future of Robotics in Medical Era” and “Bio-mechanics from Engineering to Medical fields”; January 26-28, 2013;link(.pdf)

tulay_adali2;Tülay Adali;Fellow IEEE, University of Maryland, USA;”ICA, ISA, and IVA: Theory, Connections, and Applications in Medical Image Analysis” and “Data Driven Analysis and Fusion of Medical Imaging Data”;June 9, 2012;link(.pdf)

Philippe Leray2;Philippe Leray;Nante University, France;Bayesian Networks; March 19-20, 2012;link(.pdf)

Maergner_Volker2;Volker Märgner;TU BS, Germany;Role of Governance in the Economic and Scientific Progress;March 19, 2012;

chris guy2;Chris Guy;University of Reading, UK;”Quality of Service in Wireless Networks” and “The future of the Internet”;January 13, 2012;link(.pdf)

Edmundo Tovar2;Edmundo Tovar;Polytechnical University of Madrid, Spain;The revolution comes to Higher Education in Engineering. Keys to understand the role of professional societies and OpenCourseWare;December 20, 2011;

Dr. Sajjad H. Durrani2;Sajjad H. Durrani; Fellow IEEE, University Washington; Satellite Communications: An Overview; December 19, 2011;

Jorge Manuel Miranda Dias2;Jorge Dias;University of Coimbra;Multi-Sensing Artificial Perception A Probabilistic Approaches for Robotic Perception; December 19, 2011;

;Lthar Fickert; Graz University of Technology, Austria;Opportunities and Challenges of Smart Grids; December 19, 2011;

ismail khalil2;Ismail Khalil; Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria;Situation Awareness for Spontaneous Interaction in Future Generation Networks; December 19, 2011;

Anton Nijholt2;Anton Nijholt;University of Twente, The Netherlands; The Network of Things: People Included;December 18, 2011;

jean-paul2;Jean-Paul Laumond; Fellow IEEE, LAAS, CNRS;Mathematical bases of Robot motion; December 18, 2011;

patrickflandrin2;Patrick Flandrin;Fellow IEEE, University Lyon, France;Wavelet tools for scaling processes: Theory and Applications;October 7, 2011;link(.pdf)

Nasir D. Memon 2;Nasir D. Memon;Fellow IEEE, New York University, USA;Image Steganography and Steganalysis;October 7, 2011;link.(pdf)

Ajith Abraham2;Ajith Abraham;Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic;”Soft Computing Technologies and Challenges” and Nature inspired Heuristics”;September 23-24, 2011;link(.pdf)

Zoubir2;Abdelhak M. Zoubir;Fellow IEEE, TU Darmstadt , Germany;“Statistical Signal and Image Processing for Corneal Modeling” and “The bootstrap Paradigm in Signal Processing: Estimation, Detection and Model Selection”;December 24-25, 2010;link(.pdf)

Russell Eberhart2;Russell Eberhart;Fellow IEEE, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, USA;“Swarm Intelligence”, “Evolving neural networks”, and “Biomedical Applications of CI”;December 17-18, 2010;link(.pdf)

karray2;Fakhreddine Karray;PAMI, University of Waterloo, Canada; Fundamentals and Advances in Computational Intelligence Tools;December 6-8, 2010;link(.pdf)

Ngoc Thanh Nguyen2;Ngoc Thanh Nguyen;Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland;Computational Collective Intelligence Rough Classification Methods and Their Applications;October 22-23, 2010;link(.pdf)

Sheila S2;Sheila S. Hemami;Cornell University, USA;“From Single Media to Multimedia: Perception, Coding, and Quality” and “A Signal-Processing Approach to Modeling Vision, and Applications”;October 15-16, 2010;

manos m.Tentzeris2;Manos M. Tentzeris;Fellow IEEE, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA;Inkjet-printed paper/polymer-based Green RFID and wireless sensor nodes: the final step to bridge cognitive intelligence, nanotechnology and RF?;September 22, 2010;link(.pdf)

hiroshi2;Hiroshi Nakajima;Omron Corporation, Japan;Socially Intelligent Agents;March 15, 2010;link(.pdf)

Robert I. John2;Robert I. John;De Montfort University, UK;Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems;March 13, 2010;link(.pdf)

rolf_ingold2;Rolf Ingold;University of Fribourg, Switzerland;Pattern Recognition;March 12-14, 2010;link(.pdf)

Fathi-Ghorbel2;Fathi H. Ghorbel;Rice University, USA;Robotics;March 5, 2010;link(.pdf)

bassel2;Bassel Solaiman;ENST Bretagne, France;Information Technology” and “Pattern Recognition;February 4-6, 2010;link(.pdf)

cees2;Cees Snoek;University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands;“Detecting Semantic Concepts in Video” and “Concept-Based Video Search”;December 18-19, 2009;link(.pdf)

daniel montari2;Daniel Mortari;Texas A.M University, USA;Flower Constallations;December 11-12, 2009;link(.pdf)

Alicia casals2;Alicia Casals;Technical University of Catalonia, Spain;”Robotics” and “Human-Robot Interaction”;December 4-5, 2009;link(.pdf)

Klaus Schilling2;Klaus Schilling;University Wuerzburg, Germany;Small Satellites;November 2, 2009;

Rustem aslan2;A. Rüstem Aslan;Istanbul Technical University, Turkey;ITUPSAT1 Mission: First Turkish CubeSat;October 31, 2009;

sergios theodoridis2;Sergios Theodoridis;Fellow IEEE, Univ. of Athens, Greece;”Adaptive Learning Using Kernel Methods” and “Support Vector Machines”;November 6-7, 2009;link(.pdf)

james-CV2;James Bezdek;Fellow IEEE, Univ. of West Florida, USA;”Visual Clustering in Relational Data” and “Fuzzy clustering in very large data sets”;November 6-7, 2009;link(.pdf)

william A.gruver2;William A. Gruver;Fellow IEEE, Simon Fraser University, Canada;Distributed Intelligence Systems: A New Paradigm for Systems Integration;March 24, 2009;link(.pdf)

;Habib Ben Mahmoud;Univ. Sfax, Tunisia;A Dialog about the Brain Intelligence;March 23, 2009;link(.pdf)

mohamed awsat ayari2;Mohamed Laoucet Ayari;NASA and University of Colorado at Boulder,USA;Al Chaahad;March 3, 2009;link(.pdf)