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According to the latest national laboratories bylaws, the Laboratory board consists all permanent members who have the grade of Assistant professor or above, two PhD students, and two experts from economic field. The board meets at a minimum of one time per two months.

Furthermore, 7 offices ensures the good progress of the laboratory’s activities:

  • Knowledge transfer office (KTO) 
  • Training office (TO) 
  • Management research office (MRO)
  • Quality Management office (QMO) 
  • Monitoring and Assessment office (MAO) 
  • Communication office (CO) 
  • Information Technology office (ITO)

Laboratory bylaws <pdf file>

Doctoral studies bylaws <pdf file>

PhD student charter of the REGIM-Lab. <pdf file>

Doctoral charter of the REGIM-Lab. <pdf file>


Minutes of Laboratory board meetings: